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DMS Instructors Featured in Fox News report on Women in Combat

DMS International Instructors support the Navy’s Riverine Training Continuum (RTC) in Camp Lejeune, NC. The high-risk training prepares Sailors to join operational forces of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command’s (NECC) Riverine Squadrons. DMS Instructors lead the delivery of instruction for the four courses that comprise RTC:
Riverine Combat Skills Course
This Riverine Combat Skills course is designed to provide eligible personnel with the basic expeditionary combat training necessary to professionally and safely perform high risk operations when assigned to Navy Riverine Force Organizations.
This course will provide Riverine personnel with the necessary individual skills and knowledge necessary to perform basic combat first aid, radio communications, safe handling and employment of firearms, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) operations, mission planning, and offensive/defensive operations in urban territory. The weapons portion of this course of instruction has been designated as High Risk in accordance with NPDCINST 5100.1 which involves live fire training with the M9 service pistol, the M4 service rifle, and crew served weapons.
Riverine Crewman Course
The course provides Riverine Crew members instruction on safety, navigation, communications, operator maintenance, high-speed maneuvering and handling, weapons and weapons employments, tactical boat operations and other individual and collective skills unique to riverine crafts operating in a riverine environment.
The course content includes: riverine craft navigation, riverine craft characteristics and systems, communication, navigation, night vision, use of infrared equipment during riverine missions, and riverine craft tactics. Also included is instruction in weapons employment: MK-44 Mini gun, .50 caliber machine gun, M240 B/G machine gun, and MK-19 grenade launcher familiarization, and full Mission Profile scenarios (night and day). Tactical boat operations include movement techniques, formations, ambushes, immediate action drills, troop inserts/extracts, life-fire exercises, and a final riverine battle problem involving opposing force craft and troops.
Riverine Unit Level Leaders Course
This course trains officers and senior enlisted personnel assigned to a Riverine squadron the duties and responsibilities of a Riverine Patrol Officer.
The course emphasizes mission planning, riverine tactics and techniques, riverine operation of military communications equipment, communications procedures, fire support requests, tactical employment of riverine crafts, small unit leadership, and other individual and collective skills unique to the riverine missions. Tactical boat operations include movement techniques, formations, ambushes, immediate action drills, troop inserts/extracts, and a final riverine battle problem involving opposing force craft and troops.
Riverine Security Team members Course
This course will prepare Riverine Force crew members employed in littoral operations in support of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).
The course content will include the following:

  • Basic and Advanced Maritime Interdiction Operations
  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Boarding Techniques
  • The Use of Force Continuum
  • Deadly Force Restrictions and Guidelines
  • Effective Communications Procedures
  • Combative Tactics
  • Immediate Action Drills (SOPs)
  • MIO Team Tactics and Firearms Procedures and Proficiency
  • Combat Medicine
  • Mission Planning
  • Detainee/Prisoner Handling Procedures
  • Craft Familiarization
  • Full Mission Profile Scenarios (Night/Day)
  • Human Intelligence Collection Procedures
  • Close Quarters Combat
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Naval Warfare Center Awards $20M Training Support Contract

Soldiers On The March
Naval Warfare Center awards $20M training support contract for Joint Forces Training and Support Branch (JFT&SB)
Silver Spring, MD, September 23rd, 2013 – DMS International announced today that, as a member of the Camber Corporation team, a Seaport-E award was made by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWCC), to provide training support personnel for the Joint Forces Training and Support Branch on behalf of the Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR).
The single-award, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, task order has a three year period of performance, and a ceiling value of $20,706,253.00, if all options are exercised. Work will be performed at multiple CENSECFOR Learning Site locations across the United States.
Under the terms of the task order, the Camber Corporation team will provide uniquely qualified technicians and instructors to satisfy CENSECFOR requirements for Logistics and Weapons Management, Boat Maintenance, and high-risk Waterborne Security training programs.
As a member of the winning team DMS will provide highly-skilled professionals to support the JFT&SB on behalf of the Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) Learning Sites support services over the next three years.
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Fastest Growing Female-owned Businesses


Washington DC – May 17th, 2010

Expert from the Washington Post article:

“Companies in the region – and their owners — that cracked the top 50 on the Women Presidents’ Organization’s list of fastest-growing businesses:

No. 7: Passport Health, Fran Lessans. The Baltimore-based travel medical services provider has grown 674 percent since 2005, with revenue of $35.2 million in 2009.

No. 19: DMS International, Magdalah R. Silva. The Silver Spring management and IT consultant had $9 million in revenue last year.

No. 20: Ampcus, Anjali Ramakumaran. The Chantilly-based tech and engineering consulting firm pulled in $6.6 million in 2009.

No. 23: Government Contract Solutions, Nicole Geller: The Vienna contracting consultants had $19.5 million in revenue last year, a 420 percent increase from 2005.

No. 27: Nova Datacom, Min Cho: The Chantilly information technology security firm has tripled revenue since 2005, with $25 million last year.

No. 29: Knowledge Link, Donna K. Alligood: The IT services provider, based in McLean, increased revenue from $624,000 to $5.8 million in four years.

No. 30: Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, Ellen H. Yankellow. The Linthicum, Md.-based pharmaceuticals company had $54 million in revenue last year.


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